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Satellite Image

Area: North Slope of Alaska

Source: LANDSAT Multi-Spectral Scanner (MSS)

Resolution: 50 meters

This is a spectrally enhanced 50-meter pixel-resolution Landsat-MSS mosaic of Alaska's North Slope. This 3-band composite contains 3 Landsat-MSS spectral channels: image band-1 contains Landsat MSS channel-1, image band-2 contains Landsat MSS channel-2, and image band-3 contains Landsat MSS channel-4. Twenty-three Landsat-MSS scenes, acquired between 1977-1986, were used to create this geographically extensive composite image.

NOTE: This image file is very large: 622,566,186 bytes. Many potential users may not be interested in the entire area, or they may not have computer resources with sufficient capabilities to work with such a large image file. Available on this data server are image files that are direct subsets of this entire, full-resolution (50m pixel) image. One subset has a coarser pixel- resolution (100m) and only 2 bands (Landsat MSS bands 2 and 4, binary image file size = 100,632,130 bytes). The remaining subsets are spatial extractions of this full-resolution, 3-banded image, based on USGS 1:250000 Quadrangle boundaries. Adjacent Quadrangles can be concatenated to produce larger seamless images.

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File list with uncompressed sizes:
ns124_mss.bsq 1215950 tape blocks
ns124_mss.bsqw 1 tape blocks
ns124_mss.hdr 1 tape blocks
ns124_mss.stx 1 tape blocks
ns124_mss.prj 1 tape blocks
ns124_mss.met 29 tape blocks

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