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Area: Greater Prudhoe Bay Region, Alaska

Source: LANDSAT Thematic Mapper (TM)

Resolution: 30 meters

This is a spectrally enhanced 30-meter pixel-resolution Landsat-TM mosaic of the greater Prudhoe Bay region. This 3-band composite contains three Landsat-TM spectral channels: image band-1 contains Landsat TM channel-2, image band-2 contains Landsat TM channel-3, and image band-3 contains Landsat TM channel-4. This image is a direct subset of a larger composited Landsat-TM image. Three Landsat TM scenes were mosaiked together to produce the larger parent composite image: 02 August 1985; 07 July 1987; and 03 August 1987. This subset image of the Prudhoe Bay region is largely comprised of the Landsat image acquired on 02 August 1985 (path/row 75/10). This spectrally enhanced color composite was created to provide a broad-scale georeferenced image that can be used for visual interpretation, or as a back-drop for overlaying other geospatial vector databases.

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File list with uncompressed sizes:
prudhoe_tm.bsq 31689K
prudhoe_tm.bsqw 1K
prudhoe_tm.hdr 1K
prudhoe_tm.stx 1K
prudhoe_tm.prj 1K
prudhoe_tm.met 12K

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